The importance of love in our life

love so important in our lives, because it satisfies the emotional needs of human beingsWithout love, money loses value. It is more important than money.

As Richard de Fournival, author of Bestiary of Love, says in the year 1250: “Love is madness of spirit, an inextinguishable fire, an insatiable hunger, a task without rest and rest without work.”

Adolescencia-amor-relacionesWhen we are in love it is difficult for us to believe in the happiness we feel, we feel such huge happiness that it does not fit inside our chest. And sometimes it is enough with a gesture of tenderness from the other person, a hug or a simple “I love you” so that we feel ourselves involved in an inexplicable emotional turmoil, which can range from feeling the most special person on the planet, or awakening our internal monsters, raising all kinds of insecurities, jealousy, etc.

Love is an emotion, although in most of the times it is pleasant and positive, it can also invade us in a chaotic way, disrupting our life. In love, there are doubts, advances, setbacks, conflicts and reconciliations.

flTo love healthy is necessary and important to acquire a certain degree of emotional intelligence that helps us avoid certain attitudes and encourage others, which helps the couple grow and mature the love of the beginning, falling in love, in a sustained love, detached and respected.

Loving the other person implies many things, but we have to take into account something very important, implies loving ourselves, because if we do not love ourselves, it will be very difficult for us to love another person, because if you do not have love to give yourself to yourself, what love are you going to give to the other? When you do not love yourself and you think you love the other person, really what you are loving are the projections you make about the beloved, projections and expectations that will eventually end up falling.

26850014_1438994026226253_3065331083288018705_oif you wish to live a truly happy life, it is more important to have loved than a lot of money.

Loving and being in love is a great reason for daily celebration and is also a great reason to carry out a work of inquiry and personal development, taking advantage of the great teacher that you have in front of you or in your arms, your loved one, since you show your own shadows projections, voids, etc. So to love and be loved!

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  1. Soo Min says:

    Nice article. Its so informative. Waiting for your new article. 🙂

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    1. My pleasure. Stay connect with me.

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      1. Soo Min says:

        Yeah sure. Keep writing

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      1. Soo Min says:

        You are welcome 🙂


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